Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds can easily adjust the light, by controlling the tilt of the horizontal slat angle. Venetian Blinds from Sandei consist of two materials, such as wood, and aluminum. Sandei Wooden Venetian Blinds and Polystyrene Venetian Blinds are one of Sandei's Interior Blinds products that are in demand because they give warmth to space and provide a natural look that matches the design of tropical buildings in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Aluminum Venetian Blinds are our classic products for modern-style offices. Available in manual systems for all types of materials and motorized systems for Wooden & Polystyrene material.

Wooden Slats

Wooden Venetian Blinds help create a warm atmosphere around the space. This type has two wood slat size options, namely 25 mm and 50 mm. Wooden Venetian Blinds are suitable for natural or classic room designs. This type is equipped with two choices of tape, namely ladder tape to give a bold impression, or cord tape which gives a simple impression.

Polystyrene Slats 

Polystyrene Venetian Blinds have a wood-like appearance and pattern but are lighter, water-resistant, and more weather-resistant. The polystyrene that we use has a complete green and health certification. The impression of natural wood can be more visible, have better durability, and is safer for the environment.

Aluminum Slats

Aluminum Venetian Blinds are a very popular choice to get a modern impression. There are two variants, there are porous and plain aluminum slats with various color choices which can be selected according to the amount of light needed in the room.

For more information about Venetian Blinds, please follow the link to download our catalog.

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