PT. Sandimas Intimitra was established in 1985 by Brunoto Suwandrei Arifin. Since it was founded 35 years ago, PT. Sandimas Intimitra has grown to become a leading company in window coverings and operable partitions with Sandei as the brand.


Sandei builds on innovation and collaboration through suppliers, client trust, and people self development. We are a lifestyle brand.


Solution in mind at every stage of our existence.


Innovation - Solution - Collaboration

Story Behind Our

We put customer satisfaction as our first priority by offering the best technical solutions and innovative product design. Our factory area is more than 6000 sqm, and here, all local and imported materials from Europe are combined. Sandei’s products are operated and supported by high-quality and finely selected components. Those materials and components are assembled and produced with cutting-edge European standard technology machines and carefully taken care of by our specialists. The QC team starts their control from the moment the materials and components from suppliers arrive, towards the assembling progress, and the final result before the items are delivered to our customers. A series of strict tests are performed to ensure our customers only receive our finest products.

Our sales team are specialists that are also space advisors. They are able to give solutions for end-users, architects, or designers for space configuration. Also, solutions for natural light management in rooms for either artistic or functional perspectives.

Additionally to having our own delivery team, at Sandimas we work together with trustable expedition services that could fast and securely deliver Sandei’s products to our clients and partners.

Sandimas Intimitra or Sandei, as the leading window blinds company in Indonesia, is increasingly recognized for the best innovations in its field (blinds and partitions) along with cutting-edge European technology. More than 35 years of experience makes Sandei the selected choice for a variety of flexible blinds and partitions to accommodate any designs of buildings and homes.


Various selection of components and fabrics from the top fabric suppliers around the world.


Innovative flexibility & solutions to accommodate any design of space openings, from size, location, or shape.


Sandei products and solutions standards are best in quality, which can be operated with selected fabrics to arrange in nature so as to produce optimal space comfort room.


The quality of the product and client satisfaction are our journey and existence in providing valuable end-to-end services.

“Natural Light Could Not be Controlled, Yet Could be Managed”

A wide selection of our best products for exterior and interior along with their respective functions, adapted to customer needs. Such as Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Shanseer Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Skylight Blinds, and Awnings.

With an experienced team, we prioritize customer satisfaction through sophistical technical solutions (European) and innovative designs, such as partitions, operable glass, and blinds with the finest quality. Our products are the most widely installed brand of partitions and blinds in Indonesia. Let’s find the freedom to manage your natural light and privacy with Sandei!

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