Operable Wall Sandei

As the leading partition wall brand in Indonesia with projects and clients throughout Indonesia. Sandei have been known to have products that are multifunctional, durable, and high soundproof to ensure maximum space comfort.  Sandei's Operable Walls are not only easy to operate, yet also provided reliable acoustic performance.

Designed with a special rail and wheel system to withstand heavy panel loads, yet are easy to operate. Hence, every Sandei product especially Operable Walls has sound test data that has been tested and certified.

The Operable Walls from Sandei uses extruded aluminum as a connector between parts and a rubber cover as a shock absorber material to increase the sound insulation effect. Briefly, it is easy to stack and arrange anywhere, using wheels attached to the top of each panel to be able to walk according to its path.

We provide various options of sizes and features that could meet your every need in space management. For more information about our Operable Wall, please browse through the Explore Our Products section.

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