Sliding Walls

Sandei Sliding Walls, or movable partition /operable walls, provides an ideal and creative concept of interior dividing solution. A room's space utilization can be maximised by modifying its volume capacity.

Sandei provides specification and soundproof resistance capacity from STC 39 up to STC 52; consisting a series of independent standing panels (up to 12m height, 1-1.5 width) installed hanging on the track and roller configurations attached on the room's upper structure. The system also allows for considerable amount of space between panels and the floor, and panel to the ceiling that the panels would be easy to be relocated across the room. The contacting parts of each panel are equipped with aluminium profile designed to enhance the sound insulation effect. The contacting parts between the panel and the ceiling, and between the panel and the floor are also controlled by hydraulic-like system that each

space is completely enclosed. This system also allows the panels to be interlocked neatly on any position along its tracks.

The panels are installed with a circulating frame made from aluminium profile finished with natural anodized or colored powder coating, and the frames are supplied with rubbers to increase its sound insulating effects.

The surface of the panels from MDF board that we provide are not completely finished to allow easy application of finishing materials upon the customers desire.

We provide further details of the technical drawings, sizes, and storage options. Any enquiries on design assistance please refer to our customer service help desk.

Sliding Walls Projects
Sliding Walls Brochure

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Download Sliding Glass Brochure here.

Sliding Glass

Sandei Sliding Glass is specifically designed for wide spatial openings, that maximises the integration between interior and outdoor space. The product allows for adequate sunlight and outdoor view, as well as to create flexibility in the space's potential.

The product consists of a series of panels up to 3,7 m height and 0,7- 1,2m width; installed hanging on the track and roller system attached on the ceiling or room's upper structure. This system provides a considerable amount of space between panel and the floor, and panel to the ceiling that the panels would be easy to be relocated across the room towards the desired position. Each panel is equipped with locking system attached to the floor. The locking system and the hinge are integrated into the glass fitting, that the glass panels appear to be clear from unnecessary additions. The formation of the panel series is adapted to the layout and the interior design. The design varieties include foldaside series, paired, or independent panels.

We supply a few options of glass panels: frameless-stainless steel, horizontal frame with aluminium frame natural anodized/colored powder

coating/stainless steel, or full-frame with frame aluminium natural anodized/ colored powder coating. These options may allow our products to fully adapt to the desired designs.

The glasses appear to be transparent with options of tempered or laminated tempered for frameless/horizontal frame. For full frame type the glass is not tempered.

The tempered glass is also protected with high quality U-shaped seals that is attached the vertical side of the glass. The seal is transparent-coloured so we ensure there would be no distractions to the outdoor view.

The top and bottom of the tempered glass panels are equipped with brushing seals to prevent dirt and insects.

We provide further details of the technical drawings, sizes, and storage options. Any enquiries on design assistance please refer to our customer service help desk.

Sliding Glass Projects
Sliding Glass Brochure

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Download Sliding Walls Brochure here.


Sandei launched its first product in sliding partitions and sliding/folding garage doors in the year 1985. In the following decade, the company expanded its operation by adding sliding glass to the continually developing existing products. Currently both products are being manufactured in our current factory in Bekasi, Indonesia.

For any enquiries customers may contact our highly dedicated sales team, available through PT Sandimas Intimitra.


What does the warranty cover? And how long is it?
We provide two years warranty which covers any defect of materials that caused by the production. However any defect that caused by the civil work, buildings and improper operation are not included.

How is the procedure of measuring, delivery and installation?
Since it is closely related to the responsibility before and after production, we do the measurement and installation in one package, they cannot be separated. If the measuring is done by customers, the installation is also under their responsibility. We manage to deliver our products to places all over Indonesia.

How is the overseas delivery procedure?
Unfortunately, we do not handle any of overseas delivery services. The delivery, measuring and installation have to be managed by customers.

How long is the production lead time? And how long in advance the order has to be submitted?
It depends on the volume and types of products.
Please contact us for more details at :
Phone : 6221 45874000
fax : 6221 45874084
email : sandimas@sandei.co.id

What kind of other service does Sandei provide?
We also offer services to remove, renovate, repair and reinstall all of our products. Instead, we are also able to provide similar service for other brands that costumers have.
Please contact us at :
Phone : 6221 8601356 / 45874000
Fax : 6221 8610741 / 45874084
Email : sandimas@sandei.co.id


Please visit our showroom in Jakarta and in Bali at the address below,

Jakarta Showroom and Sales
Komplek Sentra Bisnis Artha Gading Blok A 6B/29
Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 14240
P. 6221 45874000
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e. sandimas@sandei.co.id

Bali Showroom
Jl. Pengubengan Kauh no 147, Kerobokan
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